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Jason Bagley is a DJ / Producer based on the South Coast of England.  Hailing from Southampton Jason has been on the dance music circuit since the early ’90’s.  More to follow…..


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From the very beginning I’ve always been into House music, experienced the birth of Acid House and the rise of the american producers and DJs during an era that will live with me forever.  The feeling I got when hearing what are now some of the biggest dance records of all time, first time round in ’87/88 just cannot be equalled.

That sound got me hooked and from there on in the record collecting began.  Back then as well as getting to the shops and stand for hours listening to records it was also about getting hold of the mixtapes from the parties and the raves,  this addiction then progressed to getting a second deck and a mixer, teaching myself how to mix and aspire to be a DJ.

It wasn’t until 1991/2 that I got to play out for the first time and like many of us trying to get out there and play our underground dance records, the time came at an under 18’s night for 1 hour every week in between the resident DJ.  It was AMAZING.  It wasn’t long after doing that I was soon DJing at various Raves and outdoor parties.

In 1994/5 I made a transition away from playing out Hardcore/Techno sets and began getting local bar/club residencies with a couple of fellow DJs playing our favoured style of US House/Garage with a bit of ‘Cheese’ as we called it then.

Another highlight is from mid to Late 90’s where I was the manager @ Movement Records, Southampton.  Probably one of the most popular of all the record shops on the south coast for dance music.  On my staff rosta at the time were the likes of [James] Zabiela, [Jon] Doe (CLSM), [Lee] Featurecast and [Sean] Brosnan (Future Disco).

As well as us looking like and behaving just like an ensemble that would rival the cast of the great John Cusack film High fidelity,  Our expert and collective knowledge of the scene meant we played a very healthy part in the progression of underground dance music on the South coast.  As well as having the majority of the DJ’s in the region regularly shopping at Movement we also had a very large global customer base too.

I’ve played a lot of places over the years and struggle to remember them all but for me the real standout clubs I’ve enjoyed to play at the most were The Rhino Club (Southampton), Legacy @ The Manor (Bournemouth) and Southern Exposure @ The Empire (Bognor Regis).  My longest residency to date was 9 years for High Tide @ Orange Rooms (Southampton) for the Boat Party After parties.

I’ve only released one vinyl record to date, In 2001 I started getting into production and collaborated with Featurecast in his studio to release a 3 track Ep titled “Smooth Groovin” it was a limited 500 press white label catalogued to a record label I called Nu.groove records (not the famous U.S. based NuGroove).

More recently, I’ve also been writing and producing tracks and releasing them on my own label/s BASSJACK RECORDS, I also have two other sub labels BASSJACK SERIES and BASSJACK LIGHT, this is so that I can release music of different genres.

I have an event brand too called ANALOGUE, not huge just local, with a few years of successful nights in Southampton bringing in some choice guest DJ’s.

Thanks for reading, JB

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