thenoisegate Reviews Ponytech release and J.Bagley Remixes

‘Welcome to the Pony Show’ is the debut release from Norwegian producer Ponytech on EJ Underground. The five track EP also features a collaboration with Jourdan Bordes and remixes from J. Bagley and George Enormous.

Despite the (chemically) light-hearted name, ‘Auntie Depressant’ is a subby, little reptilian of a bassline lurking beneath a regimental beat. Percussion comes in like a midnight boogie with all the creatures of the jungle. A narrsty, stinking bass kept fresh with well placed variations in timbre and frequency. A deep, serious, jungle book groove, ensures the EP’s in full swing by the end of the top track.

Next up comes two takes from Southampton’s J. Bagley. Firstly is his ‘Restless Mix’ and from the off it’s clear that despite the same breaths, FX and bass sounds, this is a different beast altogether. Another dark and deep cruiser, creeping in the low end. Like the first track, this one unfolds even to busier patterns and progressions that crank up the pressure and drive the track forwards.

His ‘Moodswing Mix’ is another raw, underground jam with a liberal sprinkling of chords thrown into the bargain. Plenty of room between the subby groove and the splashing hi-hats and lively percs in the top end anchored by the intermittent keys. A side order of aceed breaks things up in between drops.

The fourth mix of Auntie Depressant is provided by George Enormous, signed to South Coast outfit Endemic Digital Inc. A laidback, meandering bassline dominates this bubbly little house number. Chord stabs form the rhythm of yet another distinct offering on the EP.

‘Smell of Face Palm in the Morning’ is a joint effort from Ponytech and Thailand-based Jourdan Bordes. Techier from the first beat, crisper kicks off-set by some slick, sidestick manoeuvres set the tone for Face Palm. Intangible vocal flickers, crunching, lo-fi sounds and heavy doses of white noise fill the frequencies as the stuttering drops slide in.

All in all a healthy selection of sounds to get stuck into. A balanced, well-crafted EP oozing with quality from some promising talent; deep, dark and a little different, forget the name, ain’t no shame in getting your hands on a copy of Welcome To The Pony Show. Now!